Meditation after Meeting with Dr Peterson Yesterday

Yesterday 3:30 p.m. in SS 4th floor I got to meet Dr. Peterson in his office finally…right after his last personality class….I thought i would calm down after 3-hours talking over Peterson with H and 6-hour sleeping last night…yet this afternoon when i read over again the notes for PSY230 i realized i’ve got to write something down–TODAY–NOW–IMMEDIATELY!!Or else i would be chewing over my regret another day. I won’t finish it all in one post as time is always in shortage in this damn together with the last post for my G will be updated frequently till i feel like putting an end to it.

Peterson has been portrayed as a walking alarm of my life in my earlier post..sounds silly uhh? yet not just me holding such ludicrous idea… into his PSY230 or PSY334 you will see what i mean…you typically won’t find a seat if you just came in at the right time & if you were a little late might find it enjoyable, near the door or in the hallway, to watch your  fellow students..sitting as stones..faces wearing broody looks as if they were in their 40’s or 50’s … well…you may wonder what the hell there is getting them brainwashed …then i tell you…nothing new & nothing more than you were supposed to know (considering you’ve been walking around this world for about 20 years)…people simply got stunned by something that they claimed to know all the time (yet certainly not for the most, and at least not all for the exceptionally few) …the truth…they are not fancy ideas pertaining to any individual or any ethnic group…they are somewhat dry, hard and bloody enough as some fundamental truth about life…something you’ve been overlooked due to their saliency and universality…for you know that lies can weaken people profoundly in various ways? do you know that people’s public speaking skills can be improved tremendously within a short time if they stop telling themselves as well as others something that they do not believe and stop showing off things that they do not know indeed……

ok i feel a rush of blood into my prefrontal cortex..better to stop here today.
Those words that’ve been lingering in my mind these days…are..

Truth is most powerful force.
–Have reality on your side and then nothing can break you down (ironically, it is the reality that break people down in most cases…so embrace the thing that you fear most and people outgrow from fear, either mentally or physiologically ).
Reality is more than rationality.
–Truth is more than facts.
Action tells the truth.
–When in action, never overlook your capacity for evil and never overlook your capacity for good.
–People can only be released by their exitential burden momentorily by doing what they are supposed to do at the moment.

–If some people "rationally" believe that they are insignificant out of 60 billion in this world, then they are rationally making up excuses for not taking their responsibilities and it is such rational belief that weaken a person most.

–The paradox of self-deceptive tendency and self-destructive behaviors well-observed among human beings… 50% comes from inertia, another 50% from fear…

–People grow from coping with things that they fear most.

–If you believe that life is suffering after all, then the fundamental solution is to push yourself to the limit and see who you are or who you can be.

–Most people dare not be who they are. They hate responsibility and they lack independency.Yet they won’t admit that, rather they will emphasize their weakness as 1/60 billion as if they are persons who are honest and modest. It is the most common way to manipulate others as well as deceiving yourself by admiting your weakness and then do nothing with it.

–You see this world as a crowdy place and you are a trivial person out of 60 billion people. Yet if you really know where you are going, nobody can stop you except yourself. As most people around you even don’t know what they are doing right if you are smart and lucky enough to figure your way out then keep walking straight with your gut and you will find no barriers out there at all…

Intelligence, for me, is people’s capacity to detect fundamental truth in the universe and embrace them, either consciously or unconsciously, as guide of their thinking and behaviors.

–What universities should teach to young people–>passion for truth and the way to truth!Truth about yourself as well as the world.

–Embrace truth as more as you can,seek self-knowledge as deep as you can understand, pursue the value as high as you can undertake and then play down your self-significance and work hard, till your last moment, where you will find, life is great!

–If you find any words, either in literature or in a casual talk, hit your heart, really hard, then it might be not the smart observation or the smart person that impresses you, but the truth as reflected by those words or the person that stuns you.

–Every individual is a product of his/her culture (micro vs macro perspective) history is not something fancy or dead in literature, it is alive in every one of us, flowing in our blood, leaking out of our pore, embeded in our trivial thoughts and manifesting itself via our little postures every moment..

–Life is tough yet human is much tougher…as long as people can live up to their existential responsibilities, any tragidies in the past and any threats incoming are bearable..

–The most dangerous thing in terms of human relationship is to challenge one’s value. You can detect the trivial cue from the bickering of young couples and you might trace more immense evidence from some most bloody wars across our history. If you know value is the highest level of one’s analysis of the world, and you also appreciate that the most effective way to kill people is to destroy their values, then you will understand that challenging one’s core value is a issue as serious as threatening one’s life, so either fierce bickering or protracted wars is, fundamentally, natural defence of human.

–The reason that we find a movie,a story or a fable deeply touching or illustrative is that the narrative involves our essential moral truth and the narrative is arranged in a way that most us could detect those truth from those symbolic scenarios.

Entrepreneurship is the passion for values PLUS the capacity to creating values. My observation from real successful entrepreneurs is that they are not owners of of their created values, but rather, they are owned by the value. They serve their values as they adopt values, rather than cold rationality or hot emotion, as their guide of behaviors and they strive to develop and promote it by incorperating more people, either as team members or customers, to share such value. Interestingly, personality research reveals that most entrepreneurs are not optimistic creatures, some of them are deadly pessimistic in nature.The fuel of their endeavour turns out to be not their optimistic thoughts but their active responses and resilience toward adversaries. From my opinion, their passion for values might be the fundamental source that sustains their perseverant actions to seek solutions and strategies in face of problems. People can become extremely powerful when they transcend themselves and it has been well observed among those entrepreeurs. They tend to place values, either from their personal beliefs or from their enterprise, as priority, and downplay their self-significance so that they can manage their negative emotions and even tune the morale of their teams as the enterprise goes through hard times.People are most nonstoppable when they are striving for their deep values, something they really believe in and especially when such values are essential enough that can be widely shared by others. Entrepreneurs are value seekers in nature, they feed values and in turn values feed them.They and their values grow together. When value frames the highest level of analysis of the world and an essential part of self-consciousness, there is no wonder that those value seekers are natural leaders and can always attract people to follow them. Above all, value guides our behaviors by dominating our conscious. People with strong values always attract people as they behave out of self-consciousness and consciousness is a sign of high self-contol and credibility and also a precedent of rationality and intelligence.People with strong values also tend to have deep self-knowledge. When people find their values, they know who they are and where they are going. While most people do not know where they are going and even what they are doing thus far,they tend to follow the one who knows his/her direction. In a sense, deep self-knowledge is well-observed feature of a natural leader, as deep self-knowledge requires or helps one’s understanding of human nature. Furthermore, considering the vast moral truth shared by human being, across nations and across time, they can easily transfer their self-knowledge to other-knowledge. And the more you know it, the more you can contol it.

Personality Transformation ~Life-Narrative Reconstruction 人格转变-生命叙述体系重建的一个隐喻:从地下室的键盘手到屋顶上的小提琴手


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  1. LIJING said:

    萧萧,你下学期还会选Dr Peterson 的课吗,我想和你去旁听呢,都说他超级smart的。吼吼~~

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