乱码: From Unfamiliar to Familiar

背景音乐:Shadow of the Day

1. 这个单子上的乱码总数会经历指数函数变化
2. 乱码, 乱码群及乱码类反关系  不熟悉的留下白纸红字 熟悉的留在白纸黑字
3. 顺便检测一下Prof Murdock’s short-memory space effect 是否适用于背这些乱码 乱码群及乱码类反关系 
4. 不变态不发展  烤鸡嘛 凡人就三个月的耐心!
5. 去日无痕  待完善的人 慢慢来的 反而才持久 惠诚握拳!
snappy decadence improvidence mesmerism wrywrought (woeful doleful dolorous rueful) singular*  dulcet winsome unprepossessing/repelling  
(wizen wither, shrivel, wilt welter, roisterer·carouse=recluse·withdraw   a ready wit  windy·concise=hackneyed·original  (wince recoil blanch blench flinch quail shrink) virtuous–miscreant nefarious salubrious salutary blast·whiff=gush·trickle  gratuitous (vagarious mercurial whimsical arbitrary, capricious, erratic) (whet sharpen, edge, hone,sharp ) remiss (victimize dupe, bamboozle, fool, gull, hoax, hoodwink, pigeon, trick(wheedle coax, banter, blandish, cajole, soft-soap, sweet-talk) (welter   orderly arrangement    ) welter wallow waylay wastrel   vigilant·waylaid=wary·duped  watchful·waylaid=cunning·gulled  repletionwant**    gratuitouswarranted / merited (warp deform, contort, distort, misshape, torture, wind)  alignedwarped  warmonger/ jingoist (wane abate , die (down or away), ebb, moderate, slacken, subside ) verve (listlessness languor, lassitude lethargy, sluggishness, phlegm, flatness) vicissitude wanrubicund wade waddle vulgarity intrepid waffle·enunciate=embed·disinter vindicateconfirm guilt/ calumniate/ impugn decrepit mercenary·money=vindictive·revenge virtuoso·skill=potentate·power  vociferous, clamorous, blatant, strident, boisterous, obstreperous) volubletaciturn/laconic/succinct/reticent  licentious·dissoluteness  vitriolicsoothing  (debased, corrupted, depraved, perverted, vitiated)  vim soporific tarnish·dull=vitrify·smooth vitriolic caustic venomous (scold , berate, lash, rail, rate, revile, upbraid, vituperate, vilify, inveigh) sanctimonious·devoted=unctuous·earnest  placebo·innocuous=salve·unctuous  vulgar uncouth umbrage vaunt underdog casualty unassailable unimpeachable unexceptionable unexceptional nonchalant unruffled imperturbable disimpassioned unflappable lumpish ungainly slovenly unkempt sloppy frowsy slipshod disheveled smatter unlettered unfailing footloose·attachment=unversed·familiarity ambidextrous colloquial vernacular fallacious veracious mendacious verdant  venial remittable mercenary venal argot vehement  exquisite perspicuous pellucid limpid venerate deride pivot veer prate deflect  glaze·porcelain=varnish·wood=wax·linoleum  varnish·glossy=sand·smooth    larder·provisions=vault·valuables whirl  (futile abortive bootless unavailing otiose) variegation [unrequited love] (indecorous indecent untoward uncomely unseemly unbecoming) (inauspicious,adverse, untoward ) prodigious untold conversant unwonted vituperate lash reprimand upbraid revile rail vilify berate artlessness rustic urbane (usurp seize asssume arrogate) usury gouge usury·interest=gouging·price  turquoise reprieve respite hiatus abatement truce armistice reconciliation (negligible trifling trivial measly paltry puny inconsequential petty)(bathetic cliche commonplace hackneyed shopworn timeworn trite threadbare) trove troup (panegyric encomium tribute eulogy) (impinge inpringe trepass entrench encroach contravene violate  breach offend transgress) (pusillanimity consternation trpidant trepidation dismay alarm fear)(incisive penetrating acute discriminating keen knifelike trenchant piercing sharp) splint·mobility=ballast·instability=purchase·slippery=lubricant·friction spoke·hub=radius·center


来年九月 我们会在哪里闻秋风 听落叶呢?

—–P.S.仿Dr. Peterson体警世录  
If you are average you will be similar to a ball that follows the distribution RULE… so don’t expect EXCEPTION  ..such ideas will break the ball & kill the man.. if they come… be prepared to get disappointed…so follow the rules & get satisfied with them …then you may seize the pattern & be able to pick up the best path available…never ask for fairness from rules but strive for the balance among rules…life is a game…follow the rule and keep on playing….the impulse to break the rules that you detect is the origin of your anxiety …and the outcome, if you do, will transform into the panic and guilt that follow you everywhere, worse than a shadow as they don’t even need a light to manifest itself …then nowhere to hide unless you abandon your authentic life….as a human …try to be all too human…inside–> outsight–> watch a life!


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