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The Most Effective Way to Kill People is to Destroy Their Value,
Since the True Suffering is to Live a Life Inauthentically.
The Root of Psychopathology is Self-deception,
So look out, be alert, be cool. 
Seize the pattern, Watch a life.
What you see depends on what you wanna see.
Be honest, be tough.

HR Leaders’ Forum on Workplace Change

Wednesday, April 22, 2009Thursday, April 23, 2009 Le Royal Meridien King Edward, Toronto, Ontario  (Right before B-day!)

Aggression & the brain   By The Agenda with Steve Paikin, for TVO

Dr. Jordan B Peterson. Age: 46 ; Gender: Male; Astrological Sign: Gemini; Zodiac Year: Tiger.
This is Peterson 20 years ago and now

Jordan B. Peterson



Courses taught

PSY230 Personality and Its Transformations
PSY334 Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief
PSY430 Personality Seminar

1. What is your main area of research?
I am investigating the role of self-deception in maintaining rigid and dysfunctional belief systems. I am interested in the role of belief systems in emotional regulation, and in the narrative structure of identity. I have spent a substantial amount of time learning to understand the grammatical structure of stories, and the meaning of myths, in an attempt to clarify the nature of belief.

I have also completed a substantial amount of research in the field of motivation, particularly motivation for aggression, drug use and alcoholism.

2. What attracted you to this line of research?
Curiosity and the desire to solve big problems.

3. What is the best and worst thing about teaching psychology at UofT?
It is a privilege to teach. My students are great. There is no worst thing. There are so few jobs with more opportunities than mine that it is disgraceful to complain.

4. What piece of advice do you have for students who take your courses?
Don’t underestimate the danger of an idea.

5. Can you tell us something about you that most students would find surprising?
I’ve been a beekeeper, a bartender, a dishwasher, a part-time artist, a trapper, a short-order cook (twice), a railway worker in northern Saskatchewan (I drove in spikes 13 hours a day), a groundskeeper (twice – but I was fired both times), a filling station attendant, a factory line worker, a full-time consultant for the Alberta government, an industrial psychologist, a think-tank member, a corporate vice-president, a Harvard professor, a board member for the Literary Review of Canada and for the Grande Prairie Regional College, an author, a scientist, a volunteer in a maximum security prison, and a clinical psychologist.

My sister baby-sits baby gorillas and smuggled trucks across the Sahara desert from France to Niger until the Tuareg tribemen made it too dangerous.

My brother-in-law is a redneck rancher who owns 500 buffalo in the foothills in Northern Alberta.

I completed three loops and a stall in an experimental stunt prop plane half an hour after learning to fly.

My grandmother cut and split a pile of logs three time as long as her log cabin and twice as wide every fall so her family had heat in the winter.

I was in northern Saskatchewan once when it was so cold that the transmission oil in our new Chrysler congealed, our tires froze flat on the bottom, the car doors wouldn’t shut again once we had opened them, and the house filled up with fog whenever you opened a window.

I helped my daughter learn how to enjoy eating hot peppers when she was only three.

I have eaten venison, moosemeat, elk, bison, wild rabbit, squirrel, raccoon, alligator, lynx and bear (once for Thanksgiving) – all with my father, who owns more than three hundred pistols and rifles.

Life is great.

那么直到2009年才被惊醒 是可喜 还是可悲呢?

  1. Tony Hamilton said:

    Hi Enyu
    I was interested to know the source of the quote above. Is it Jordan Peterson’s?
    Thanks for any help. I love the interview
    with J. Peterson. There’s a real warmth, being, it’s out of character from his public persona. Thanks.
    Sincerely, T. Hamilton

    • Hi Tony:
      Thanks for visiting my website!

      What I note down here is just the rough idea that I digested from his lectures @ University of Toronto in 2009, since Dr Peterson usually speaks with rich vocabulary in a very eloquent way whereas English is my second language. However,he does have some pet phrases such as”what you see depends on what you wanna see” (i.e. this one is a direct quote!) . If you want to collect his quotes, you can search his lecture videos online. Here is the complete video series of his lectures @ University of Toronto in 2004 And you can find more updated ones by Google Video Search !

      Best regards,

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