Reflection on Peterson’s Quotes in PSY230

1.People grow from exposure to things that they fear the most.
  (P.S. That is the fundamental mechanism of therapy for phobia. 所以对于人而言,内心最平静的时刻往往是在战胜自我恐惧的瞬间; 而对于小强而言,杀不死我的使我更强大!)
2.Neurotism has tremendous gender difference. Women suffer more negative emotions than men on average, and the difference does not emerge until puberty.
  (P.S. That’s why I hate to be a female, as the pains are both physiologically and psychologically based. And after puberty, the maintenance of friendship between females is much more challenging….纯粹的义气只存在于男性友谊之中么?)
3. Music is meaningful in perception of emotion , they are interchangeable patterns, the representation of the world and the analogy of reality.
  (P.S. So in a sense, dance to the music is the analogy of human’s adaptation to their environment. People understand same songs in different ways, just like their different views to the same world….四肢协调性差是对所处环境有适应障碍的体现么?)
4.Moral truth guides our behaviors.
  (P.S. Unlike animals, detection or knowlege of objective rules does not guide humans’ behaviors, we act out of our belief, and sometimes, impulses. 所以知错不一定会改,要相信错误会带来恶果,在信念和恐惧的混合作用下,才有行动上的改善, 故人要常怀敬畏之心。)

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