Endless ending

1. Happy memories, which quickly vanish when you realize how long ago they “happened”. The inability and unwillingness to cope with the changes, whether they are good or bad, projected into a permanent state of restlessness.
Memories need replacements. Maybe an old bicycle can be traded for a new cat. Things and people that surround us change, they always will.
2. Fresh snow, kids playing in the schoolyard are so noisy, throwing snowballs making snowmen –sorry, snow people to be politically correct- sledding around. They’re happy. Childhood freedom. Innocent laughter.
The squirrels just look at them from the distance, most probably annoyed that their playground is invaded, so they patiently have to wait for the break to end, and take over again. After all they are the legitimate park owners, aren’t they?
There’s a thick blanket of snow, for 3 days now, and it surely feels like winter. It’s white, it’s clean, it smells nice.

3.I am gonna move again.Spiritually, today; physically, 2/18.

Wait and see how things go in 2 months!

  1. Jing said:

    Why you always move to a new flat?

  2. Jing said:

    Sorry I think I did not express my idea clearly. Why you move so frequently?

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