Let’s roll U.S

背景音乐:Try Again (On Live!)BY KEANE
Don’t ask me about any "future“ & let us forget what has gone…
The past can never be recreated…either as illusion or reality… 

By last weekend, Canadian Dollars had beaten U.S Dollars….it reminds me of  several years ago that Armstrong on the moon  (BTW:today is Moon Festival…)so now  i should say "it is just a little step for CA dollars yet a huge jump for …our VISA students.."…While McGuinty ate his whole words & began wearing numbing faces towards the ever dramatically rocketing tuition fees in Ontario…  either within all  provinces or any historical eras…as a visa student, i should yell out as aloud as i could…even though no one would hear my voice …cuz my VISA identity has blocked me from  the upcoming National Election & any practical Student Protest Organizations…..

So well, the only merit of Canadian Education has faded away along with the expected depreciation of U.S. dollars….
Canadian education is no longer cheap…while the quality still remains in doubts…i should consider, upon some advice from those immigrants.. moving to the U.S as soon as possible…..actually,one of the biggest reasons lying there is the damn system of UT Medical School which is supposed to be the representative of Canadian M.D programme…
just caught by a deep feeling of unfairness….i am now investigating why Canada is always in short of nurses & doctors and  why every year, large amount of well-educated Canadian professionals rush into U.S and then strive for a longer stay….while obviously, some crappy places  there are not as sound & safe as here….

P.S. what i’ve done recently…
        -Self-fed-up with Organic Chemistry Textbook
        -Eating Abnormal Psycho & Cognitive Psycho Text Materials
        -Reading Hong Lou Meng for Self-Medication
        -Audition for Acappella Group
        -Fighting Against GAD
        -Striving for more sleeping hours
        -Considering establishing a relationship with GOD..

       Stress…Balance….Stress….Balance….Struggle…Stephanie….Sleep >.<


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