Wait,wait…don’t tell me

If you could look into a crystal ball to find out how your life ends, would you? Yesterday, James Watson (yes, that James Watson) decided that he didn’t want to know. His personal genome was sequenced by 454 Life Sciences and the Human Genome Sequencing Center at the Baylor College of Medicine. Dr. Watson will make his entire genome publicly available with the exception of one gene: apolipoprotein E, the gene most strongly associated with Alzheimer’s disease, which killed his grandmother. There is no correct answer to the genetic testing dilemma. The children and grandchildren of victims of diseases with much clearer genetic causes have struggled with this question for years. But if Watson’s genome announces the dawn of pharmacogenomics, many more of us will have to decide for ourselves what we do and what we don’t want to know. Watson is not a man who shies away from controversy. Perhaps that is why I am slightly surprised by such a human decision from such a brazen pioneer.


Dr.Waston’s reaction reminds me of one of my earlier film scripts ….a story of a girl who is destined to live with Schezophrenia becuz of the gene she inherited from her grandmather, who killed herself after struggling with this disease her whole life….yet it just remained as a flashing thought since later i found "The Butterfly Effect"…so now u see why i am so crazy about this movie and so addicted to its wallpaper and soundtrack…that’s exactly how i wanna tell via such a weaven thrilling story the cruel situation of those self-awared "prepositioned patients" ….whenever i see people r  forced to wait & see sth. really bad falling upon themselves & can do nothing about it, i call that "TRUE EVIL"…e.g. WAR, NATURAL DISASTER, PLAGUE, & INHERITED DISEASE…To some certain degree, we may just be the self-unawared or even self-denied "prepositioned patients"…WHO knows…& WHO’s willing to know, anyway~~


i should not deny that i may be prepositioned too …cuz i am always too obsessively compulsive to bear no answer to my innate curiosity….& that’s partly why i choose to become a doctor—-


IN CASE someday i do discover some TRUE EVIL also existing on ME~~myself…


then i would not give myself a deadly break cuz i believe i could face the music calmly and peacefully after receiving this long-year professional training…

i may be appearing emotionally denied (hey man~that’s human nature~~)  yet finally i would try my best to suck this cool hell into my sucking head—provided it still works –at least–sometimes~~


So far, i am taking interest in Alzheimer’s , Seizures, Schizophrenia, and Depression ,cuz i see how people (including my family, friends, strangers & honestly, me) suffer with it due to the "TRUE EVIL". ..


People who’ve known me 4 long yrs always see me as a serious person…i know that …& believe me– i do feel sorry to this point (MAY God knows HOW i LOVE jokes yet just unable to produce them by myself..)…that’s due to the shadowing experiences and untold prepositional causes …which follow me all along these yrs till shaping me into whom you see today…


i’ve been living with sorrow more often than delightness & i’ve got used to that…  perhaps ,my neurons bear a lower action potential towards those unhappy experience( hey ~~is that HOW i get stronger & stronger??? )….who knows…hey ..what the hell !!! i should stop thinking as a self-suggestive nerd… what time is it???


Oh…SHIT~how come i left so much stuff unclear in STAT 2D03?


See??? i’v been distracted by the spurted thoughts induced by poor James….so i guess maybe sometimes i am just a unawared self-trapper….









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