Steph’s Teaching Material-Foreword

Steph~~Set to GO!!!

—-The Road to Psycho TA—-

P.S.:5/9/2007 I received the admission to U of Waterloo, Mathematics & Business Admission (Regular),yet I decided not to go for it…I know I am not commerce person…so I will wait for the news from U of Toronto as I’ve set up to get on the path to be a doctor / professor in U.S….My roommates seem to get gratified with life in Canada,they all plan to stay here after graduation…As for me ,I’ve been thinking about going back to China once I get my Ph.D and accumulate enough working experience.Yet these days, several people I worked with tried to convinced me that I was too young to anticipate anything that was about to happen…Like me, several of them came here for  simple reasons and believed that they would be back somehow as their initial goals achieved…however, years later,they found themselves had underestimated the power of time and the volatility of mind … "academical oppotunities,jobs,welfare, marriage, political opinions…several reasons will pull you back from your initial plan,even if you ever think of your parents,you will gradually find yourself put more priority on your own family after years  of living independently…so finally the reuinion will be most likely to take place here instead of your hometown…" Those are what Stanka told me..
I know people will get so real once they survive outside on their own…despite the  old pattern "love +identity", there are many other stories to take into consider…I am not so positive about the volatility of my mind yet I am pretty much sure about the power of time…and there is one more thing such clearly proved by those fellows’ words .. that is once you set up your family outside your own country, wherever "the one" comes from, it will bear more difficulties when either of you try to go back…it is esp. held true for women and that is why my grandparents keep telling me not to find any guy here…
Not to mention the future, I am now missing my family deadly and have been regretted these days for my rush decision for this summer….Clearly enough,it would be a torture to wait for another year before going home….
On the other hand, I began to enjoy the sunshine here—thanks to my roommates and most of my working fellows…they are funny and kind …spicing up my summer vacation which might have been end up as dull and drained… 
As for myself, I wish I could be stronger and more organised….whenever I am struggling with the problem of self-control,I ask myself:
where and whom are you going to end up in ten years?
So STEPH——go and live for the best answer for yourself…=)
背景音乐: Never Leave your heart alone

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