wake up & fighting

背景音乐:蝴蝶效应I– Stop Crying your Heart Out

xiaonei is an open MKT, so noisy…while MSN honours u privacy as well as freedom….i still prefer to tell stories via live space…if there’s no time to note down anything ,just leave it to memory…the finals r approaching & biting my neurons…to resolve that bug,i’ll first head for the walls to BANGBANGBANG myself and then force my mind to be filled up with mountains of MATERIALS …meanwhile i’ll try to enjoy swimming in the pool of journal articles instead of drowning myself there….life never make sense…the one who said that is a genius 4 sure!… This time,i’ve no idea whether i’ll be back as a normal human..as the final falls upon..it seems that few people i’ve known in residence could maintain a life as normal…drunk & sleepless people r all around ….& why there r so many G & L…maybe i could not understand the will of GOD since that’s part of natrual selection particularly intended 4 human being… what a F!  I totally funked…this semester…ok….i’d rather zip my mouth 4 sake of treasuring someone else’s dream to be abroad…



treasure what u have now….

if all of the stars
r fading away
just try not to worry
coz u’ll see them some day
take what you need
and be on your way
stop crying ur heart out…


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