Newsletter 1/15-1/22 followed by the final announcement before 20th yr

0.Slept over in a friend’s house for 4 nights– woke up by telling University closed for unexpected ICE-RAIN on Monday 1/15~felt like a sweet dream that could not be better~
1.Unlucky SEVEN —7 CAs in McKay are forced to leave their position and residence as being caught drinking achohol while on duty ,including the guy on my floor(in memory of Floorman Jeril).
2. Earn hot money-$100  as second prize in Writting Competition organized by CCL Chinese Journal
    Serve as a volunteer to help out the CCL Chinese Awarding Ceremony .Having tons of fun afterwards!
3. Got totally confused by the first leadership course-Chairing Meetings 202: Robert’s Rules of Order 
A  two hour workshop facilitated by Sam Minniti, a former MSU Speaker and former chairperson for the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA), providing a solid introduction to the more formal methods of parliamentary procedure chairing. Using Robert’s Rules of Order to learn the objective and universal method of formal chairing that is quite versatile for numerous political settings on campus, including the MSU’s Student Representative Assembly (SRA), the Inter-Residence Council (IRC), and the Graduate Student Association. 
4.Finally got some feeling with Biology…..So far got fanscinated by the hypothesis design and the experiment as regards Animal Behaviour….
   May adopt a fighting fish for observation in two weeks!!!
5.Find nice group members for PBL Bio Group for Hamilton Sewage and Storm Water Treatment
   as well as Psycho  Group for Children Development.
6.Discover a DJ in Singapore (on )holding exactly the same taste of soundtrack music with me (really want to know how is he look like… shocked by those wonderful pieces selected by him!).
7.Coming soon– supervising the table of Perspective Club (ThinkSheep)on Tue,Wed,Fri afternoon at MUSC this week.
8. 3 days before becoming the best friends
9.Prof.Childs is so hot as getting trapped in the overcrowded lecture hall~finally forced to move
10.Fighting with Eating Disorder—-e.g.Living in the Thode Library till as to inhibit the innate strong impulsion to rush into the Commons,Refectory,Student Center,Mary Keyes and Cafeterias among MDSL,JHE,KTH…..
11.Lost the stationay package including one precious eraser named "GreatWall"from motherland~Sign=_=!
    (Find them the other day in KTHB135 thanks to someone who picked it up and left it on the front table)
12.Finding new house/Apartment & Roommate for the second year. 
1月25日 23:21(I’ll remember this moment since life goes on yet never the same for me ~after this call ..)
13.Lost my watch,lost the time then….. terminate myself someday when the mission ever gets done yet now forget the deadline….perhaps God never allow someone to give up hope so just regard it as another chance to deliver him her & me ….be strong inside,big lady….no one will ever get the chance to see you cry….wait and see,patient,wait and see, my Lord~
14.Finally figure out the reason of existence, all for the REASON,never wanna leading a life meaningless durante vita….REASON/MEANING  is what I live for and die for…..
15.Memory,no matter for others or for myself…memory is the only thing i can possess from the day of birth till the day that i die….neither God nor Devil would be able to take them away from me ….that’s also the part i’ll be able to contribute to the rest of the world ,say , someone else’s life….
16. I do ,really do ,hope their later years in life get any better because of my existence, has been a wholly miserable mess since I came in so it’s my reponsibility to tidy up,even a little, for it ,before I determine to leave or they apart…
17.The ending really matters, though i thought that doesn’t matter 2 me when i was a little kid …..yet counting down the days left there…..suddenly found myself has been around the corner of 20th year~
18.So,i’ll take off from MSN for quite some days  cuz life now gets such immense for me and no words would ever tell what i feel ,or rather,fear ,before i  experience more and become stronger inside…i do need time to self grow-up.i know i can no longer just be a watcher aside,say, be a doer instead~~yet am I ready ,I doubt ….dearly…..
19.Ok,let’s do something to change something, even that may be end up in vain,yet no loss as well coz i will gain no regret when i look back upon these years and above all ,i dun wanna see that someday,they feel as a totally tragedy about their whole life when the last moment falls upon….
20.If only a child  could get rid of  ITS Miserable Story & Traumatic Memory,will IT be happier, what a  lady/man would be like then?Having lost the innate imagination after those years,ain’t figure it out myself.
20.A little child grew up into an  old man ,only to find there’s nothing to memorize , such a sorrow right?!
Take deep sympathy on him and never allow it to replay on myself.              
21.I can see from the present how Dr.Day looks like when he is young as if I can figure out from his early lecture tapes how he will be present when he is professor as old as so far.
22. Similar people,out of similar experience,get similar ways to notice the details neglected by most of people and interprete them as the most reliable cue to follow their own idea of their life….
23. Laying down here ~just to say goodbye to my innocent teen age …though it should have been a formal farewell in 3 months….yet can not wait till that day cuz i’ll never know what flavor of chocolate i will get fout of that box  in the following 3 months…… and above all, i am no smarter than Forrest Gump and it’s true that i am unlikely as lucky at all .
Another day,1/24/2007 ,three months away from my 20th year sharply,my roommate entered her 19th year , saw her drunk with tears and so i pretended to be drunk as well and took down words above….
One may looks funny when drunk yet no kidding after drunk and let alone that is just pretending , so i mean i am serious…..
Again, I am serious …..
Never Say Die!
Never Never Say Die!!
Never Never Never Say Die!!!
For all of us, yea…..all of us shall be alright, all right…just wait the hardest time to flee by and then forget all about that…..
SOOOOOO……………I’ll SMILE ^_^ Whenever  I think about YOU,dear MOM~

  1. Bei said:


  2. Ares said:

    你也是金牛的?。。。。怎么似乎我们俩有很多相同点… 同样是转学的,同样是从南昌跑出来的,同样是金牛的…汗~ 呵呵
    我需要安眠曲…睡觉前15分钟还在模拟电脑程序loop的人,还是不敢奢求太高… 唉~为何我就这么可怜地?…

  3. Minduo said:

    …为什么你用英文写出来的东西看起来比用中文写的狂躁很多= =
    P.S.: Lucky, as in, I don’t know, getting shot in the butt? Honestly, that whole movie is a science fiction.
    Some early memories have gotten a little fuzzy lately, though.

  4. 夏沫 said:

    我从澳洲回来拉~ 来我的空间看照片吧^_^~~

  5. Jing. L said:


  6. Ares said:

    ps: 有人被我点名了~~  到我SPACE 去看看吧:)  不许逃! 呵呵

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