Steph’s Solo:Ms doesn’tmatter2me,I am sorry yet your mission, no bargain!

Everyone:Calm,my dear,though hate~
                Calm ,my heart, still hate~
                Ok ,count down sheep 1,2,3 and then
                Pretend to be calm ,
                Whenever you go for bio, organ chem and biochem…
                Grant yourself 2 more months,sweetie~
                See whether you can pretend to fall in love with them~
                Coz you should have known it earlier,
                Your mission, no bargain! 
 Solo:In the deepest microscope ,
         I can see nothing,
         Upon the longest Latin words,
         Ain’t figure out what business lying there,
         Will the ignorance of organic chemical electrophillic reaction mechanism save me from starving on        
         Or will the knowledge of biochemical equition boom up my height on earth? 
         Sorry, my boss,
         I forgot my name is "Doesn’tmatter2me"
Devil: Hey, Ms. Doesn’tmatter2me
          If you find yourself hating somthing, just say hate—-ALOUD!
          Aloud enough to leave your mind in a sudden blank
          Better much than the endless hell of darkness
          Aloud enough to forget the reason for falling trap ,
          So as to shut up your  ridiculous inference and trashy complaint,
          Go on living with the hate and pain
          Coz that’s the life you should pay….
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