Bowling for Columbine

Before the Psycho Midterm, I got lost in Michael Moore‘s ever best documentary–Bowling for Columbine ~and The Fray’s LOOK AFTER YOU, which have no interrelationship and above all ,nothing to do with my incoming test.Sounds like the best recommendation ..uh?A nerd save her best time for them rather than exam….
My life partly lies upon Movies and Documentaries,so I doom to be a idealist either living in history or future but the present,and someone who can easily and suddenly get lost in others’ emotions.
 Who says~(my friends , my headmaster in middle school or just my inner voice ???you just feel like being a stander-by and  posing your own arbitrary reviews ,strong curiosity and  sensitivity….seeking after meanings , answers ,freedom ,independence,split-second thrill and unforgettable experiences and ….unsatisfied desires)You could be a journalist somewhere(indeed,I’d rather become a war correspondent if I was a guy) and IF–after accumulating enough experiences,gathering enough information and refining enough rapier thrust and finding enough ceativeness even talents either from your own part or from  your workfellows ——-you still have inspirations and ambitions and not too old to travel around……then consider whether striving to be a crazy documentary director or just a quiet column female-writter for no-name newspapers or magazines….
Sorry for my craps above….again~
Yet the truth is that I’ve been fed up with psycho online quiz,say 2000 questions …
I can not take any more or else I can see nothing but psycho alternatives…..My inner voice told me that the real world is NOT built up with those psycho alternatives…..
Weired~Psycho test is the only exception which is as Tricky as Chinese Exams
Tonight, its access is held up because of the heavy traffic of online quiz…So many students at all risk get their heads blowed up to try to edge into the website…….funked then~$_$

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