Introduction of Me

Who am I?It"s still a tough question bothering me .In the limited life ,grab more chances to be yourself and give more chances to others to be themselves. I love movies,music,books,pictures….anything related to the human nature and emotion.Besides, I do enjoy staying with the extremely young as well as the extremely elderly.I do abhor people and things of affection.You may argue that I have not experienced much in the world .On the other hand ,I will maintain that I have witnessed much in the society.By the way,apart from the popular hobbies such as playing instruments ,watching films,collecting things,I do take much "pleasure"(or rather,more deep feeling of grief and less feeling of joyviality) in witnessing the behavior of common people. Anyway,I hate the hypocritical.Young may I am ,however,I am not stupid ,airy-fairy and aimless .I am always haunted by the limits to life and so sensitive about the time passing by.My greatest joy is that I still stay with a intact extended-family,not needing to worry much about feeding and dressing.I can get easily moved as I am still a child behind the increasingly adult face and manners.Now I’m studying medicine in Peking University,or rather,seeking the right path to the brightening future.Indeed ,I am really puzzled towards the issue ,as I am a blue paradox,often recking so much that forgetting what I want at first.Now I have big ambitions and strong beliefs,not knowing when I will laugh at them and what the reasons for abandoning them. Who says? After all,except the very few,we all are the idealists doomed to be the realists.
  1. Jingbo said:

    It’s really amazing to see your account on my space. So howt about your arrangement on study to Cananda? When will you go to Canada?

  2. Stephanie囧囧 said:

    看三年前的文章 犹如掘开坟墓看死尸 毛骨悚然地说….三年前意气风发 三年后遍体鳞伤 …还有三年前怎么这么矫情啊 写的和入党申请似的 这英文也太有中国特色了….

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